I can't sing Torey's praises loud enough! I have seen amazing increases in strength and flexibility. As an added bonus, my chronic knee pain has become almost non-existent! (Plus, she's a sweetie.)

— Jan McBride


All right, all of you out there who suffer from back problems, poor posture, and overall weakness; who walk like an old guy or gal; who feel every bit your age. You know who you are.

You don’t need to be that way. You can change it today. Get over to The Pilates Studio, see Torey, and begin to make that change in your life that will be better for you in so many ways. She will help you to focus on your core, but in doing so you also will improve your strength, joint alignment, and posture.

Torey is an expert of pilates, certainly, but she is also very knowledgeable of exercise, fitness, nutrition, and diet. She is a caring and careful teacher, and you will be very happy with the results she will help you to achieve.

Pilates has been the best thing that I have done for my health in my adult life. It can be for you, too.

— David Firlik


"Torey is the best! Whether you're a mom who needs to get her body back into shape, a teen who needs to learn proper posture to avoid injury down the road or an executive with a bad back from sitting at a desk or behind the wheel all day, she listens to your body and takes you where you need to go to strengthen you safely.

She's one of the most compassionate, honest human beings I know who is highly competent and well-educated in her craft. I have been a client of hers for several years now and look forward to continuing that relationship."

— Nancy Bykerk


Torey is extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and caring in her approach to the true form of Pilates. I am amazed how my body and mind are continually transforming. Torey is the ideal coach for someone who is serious about transforming both body and spirit. I enjoy every lesson we have together. She is a true blessing to me!

— Sheila Marzolf


Working with Torey has not only changed my body, it has forever changed the way I feel in my body and view the world. Practicing pilates has truly been effortlessly life changing. The physical core strength I have developed has empowered me to access emotional strength I did not realize I was suppressing. I have become more fearless and self-care focused, trying and accomplishing new things that were at one time intimidating or overwhelming.

I have traveled internationally sampling various classes and instruction whenever available and I can honestly say nothing has even come close to the nurturing, intelligent, and fun experience provided by Torey. She has guided me in accessing and knowing my personal power...no matter my performance. (Most instructors mix yoga, aerobics, pilates, etc. which can be confusing and unsafe. As a result, I often find myself only participating in portions of classes.) I often receive compliments on my form and inquiry as to where I learned my practice. I empathize with other students who have not had the good fortune of learning from Torey. I believe they are missing out in knowing the full benefit of the authentic practice of Pilates as it was designed.

With Torey, it truly is about working smarter not harder and enjoying the magic of the journey.

— Heather, practicing since 2010


Torey Prinson, owner of GR Pilates is a gem. Her passion and genius in Pilates is evident in every aspect of her work and her daily life--because Pilates isn't something you do for a training session or 2 every week; it's a way of life. Torey's commitment to her clients embodies this truth. She not only tailors sessions to address her individual clients' needs, she equips us with knowledge and tools to continue the practice outside her studio--that we may live healthy, fully embodied, beautifully empowered lives. In the words of Joseph Pilates, "the mind when housed within a healthful body possesses a glorious sense of power." The Pilates  that Torey practices closely follows the original Pilates method and I have found the above statement to be true for my life. I am forever grateful for Torey and her gift she's giving the world.
— Cheri


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