Romana's Pilates™ certified instructor of over a decade.


Torey worked in the health and fitness business for almost 10 years before meeting Janice Dulak, a Romana's Pilates™ Master Teacher Trainer.

In 2004 she was accepted into the apprenticeship program with Janice in Champaign, Illinois at her training Center.

She spent over 600 hours of training in Romana’s Pilates™ through private lessons, group studies and observed training. In 2005, after 5 stages of testings with 2 stages of written practicum and 3 physical teaching assessments Torey became a certified Romana's Pilates™ instructor. She is certified in all levels of Pilates mat work and apparatus.

With a passion for creating strength, stretch and postural alignment for her clients at all levels of age and fitness, Torey cares about the time spent during a lesson, and also explores the muscular and structural improvements continued by her clients while at work and home.

With Torey, you will be taught on Gratz Pilates apparatus, the finest equipment available, and the only Pilates apparatus based upon the original designs and specifications of Joseph Pilates.

Torey continues to learn and deepen her understanding from Romana's Pilates™ Master Teacher trainers: the late protégée of Joseph H. Pilates, Romana Kryzanowska as well as Sari Mejio Santos, Janice Dulak, Cynthia Lochard, Anthony Rabara, Juanita Lopez and Lori Coleman-Brown.

Torey learns something new every day while helping her clients get stronger, more flexible and happier by using the Pilates Method.